online payment options for entrepreneurs

As the owner of a webshop you can no longer arrive with just one payment method. After all, paying by credit card is no longer the only way to make an online payment. Customers expect a list of payment methods from which they can choose.

1. iDeal Professional

The most commonly used method in the Netherlands is iDeal: a convenient and safe method whereby customers can pay for their purchases at Dutch web shops through their own bank.

At Rabobank you can let your customers work with the familiar environment of internet banking via iDeal professional . This payment method is suitable for anyone with a webshop. As a retailer or catering entrepreneur you do not have to deal with this directly.

2. Direct debit or giro collection form

An old acquaintance in the field of payment, but some customers still appreciate the option to pay by giro collection form or direct debit. 

  • A well-known advantage of direct debit is that it is a cheap and efficient method. You can be sure that you will receive the outstanding payments quickly.
  • A disadvantage may be that this payment is initially revocable; only after the refund period has expired you can be sure that the payment is final.

Acceptgiro ​​payments

You do not have this problem with the old giro collection form. This is a guaranteed payment, as an amount credited once cannot be refunded later. A disadvantage may be that this process is more labor-intensive and more expensive than direct debits.

Tip: preferably send preprinted giro forms, as this will reduce the chance of possible filling-in errors. Partly because of this, the money will be deposited into your account faster. 

3. Credit card

The credit card is nowadays a widely used online payment method. This is especially the case with foreign web shops; they often work via a so  called chargeback scheme .

In this case, the credit card company can reclaim the money from the seller in the event of non-delivery or incorrect deliveries. This amount is then refunded to the customer’s account.

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